Artist Bio

Adam Reh began drawing and painting at a very early age.

His work includes watercolor painting, pen and ink drawing, and colored pencil. However, his heart lies in oil painting. His training in oils began back in 1988. When he was 10 1/2 years old, he finished his first piece- a clownfish in a sea anemone.


After this, he painted and drew in middle and high school, where his work was in school and community shows and graced the cover of the yearbook in his senior year.

He holds a BFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2000. After branching out into other art forms like ceramics, metalworking, printmaking, and sculpture, he realized again that he was satisfied with his true love of oil painting.

Since then, along with teaching art, he has created hundreds of original pieces. In recent years, his art has been featured in local community shows, craft beer festivals, and installed in different microbreweries.

In 2017 he created and self published an illustrated book to celebrate the history of craft beer and homebrewing.

Along with that, the bulk of his inspiration comes from being somewhere special- whether it’s a sunset while on vacation, in the middle of the woods, or a special trip with his wife.

In his free time, he runs on all the trails he can find, and is absolutely blessed and grateful for his wife and 2 kids.