Client Testimonials

“Adam has painted some very beautiful pictures of our resort. We love them and so do our guests.”

Deb Woodard, Former Owner, Blue Lake Resort in Fountain, Michigan


“My Daughter’s family recently lost their beloved dog, Bowie. Her death was not an easy passing and it hit the family very hard. My husband and I asked Adam to do a painting for them as a surprise. We wanted to give them something tangible as a reminder of the love and dedication they shared.

The interview with Adam was amazing. He really cares about the people he is painting for and the subject of his art. He asked questions about Bowie’s personality, and family experiences with her. That was important  to him in order to get it right.

The painting was just what we had hoped, but the real test was when we presented it to the family. There were tears of course, and joy! My daughter said that Adam “really captured her essence!” It hangs in a place of honor and prominence in their home and brings a smile to all.”

Liz H, IL


“I love visiting [my son’s] bench, but I can’t get there nearly as often as I really wanted to, so I gave Adam some pictures and this is what he created. I love this, it gives me the sense of peace I get from the real bench. Praise God for Adam’s talent. Thank you so much.”

Linda K, IL


“Adam Reh’s approach to art is original, creative and fun. I especially enjoy the pieces themed around craft beer and the brewing process. His work is proudly displayed in my homebrewery and is a great conversation starter!”

Brian B, IL


“The first time I saw Adam’s art, I knew I had to have some. My first piece, “fish in the lake,” is a perfect piece which reminds me of the the peace and tranquility I feel when vacationing with my family in MN every summer. Adam is gifted in his ability to integrate anatomical structures and the art of brewing beer into eye catching works of art. He has an eye and a skill set that any fan of art can appreciate.”

Greg J, IL


“We have purchased several pieces from Adam. He captures the peace and delight we enjoy each summer at Blue Lake in his work. At times when life is speeding by I can look at his work and be drawn back to the sounds of the lake…then relaxing again and continue counting down the days until we are with our “family” again.”

Barb T, MI


“Our dog Rocky was in the later part of his life and we wanted a painted portrait to help memorialize him. Adam provided a wonderful “water color” likeness of Rocky that perfectly captures his grand personality. Adam is truly talented and we are forever grateful.”

Wayne S, IL


“My husband planted these tulips as a gift to me for my first Mother’s Day. Seeing them bloom each year has been a fresh reminder of the joy I experienced when my children were born. Now, any time I look over at Adam’s painting on my wall, I am reminded of my beautiful kiddos, the fresh spring air, and how much my husband loves me. I appreciate the painting even more these days, because the real tulips are mostly gone- having fallen victim to hungry ground squirrels. Thankfully, those little guys can’t get anywhere near my painting. Thank you, Adam!”

Melissa R, IL

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“Adam’s attention to the meaning behind his paintings is evident in every brush stroke. I commissioned Adam to create a painting for an anniversary gift for my wife based on pictures from our wedding reception. He captured the connections, the feelings, and the very essence of the reception in an absolutely beautiful piece that sits at the head of our dining table. Every time I walk through the room, it fills me with joy and nostalgia about that evening.”

Marty B, Chicago

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