Q: What are your rates for a painting?

A: The most common question people ask me is, “what are your rates for a painting?” While this may be the FIRST question people ask when they are interested in working with me, in reality, it is HARDLY the most important.

When it comes to creating a successful painting- meaning the client gets to FEEL incredible, every day for the REST of their lives, whenever they look at the piece- what matters the MOST is knowing the HEART. I’m looking for the right PERSON to work with, as you should be looking for the right ARTIST.

After we’ve decided that working together is THE BEST option, THEN it’s time to discuss details like investment. Since time and space in my studio is limited, it’s usually a great idea to move forward ASAP and make SURE your work gets done with NO time on a waiting list. For that reason, I do offer a limited time discount for people who are ready to go.

I accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, or Paypal. Only a 50% deposit is required to begin creating your painting after the agreement is signed, and the remaining balance is due upon completion. Most people take care of the entire payment up front, and work can begin right away!

Q: I don’t know a lot about art. Can you easily guide me?

A: Of course! I haven’t had a client yet that knows a ton about painting or what I do. In a nutshell, I’ll combine your HEART with your PHOTOS to create your custom piece.

Because getting a painting to “look right” doesn’t mean you just copy a photograph or two. 

Now, quantity is not super critical. I’ve had people come to me with 2 or 3 photos, and some have come to me with 20 or more, and neither way affects the quality of the painting. What’s important is to just HAVE a photo or 2 you can share with me via email.

***Side note: it IS possible to create a painting with ZERO photos, just be ready to let me in on as many details as possible! 

Q: I’m nervous about purchasing art off the internet. I haven’t had much interaction with other artists, and am admittedly dreading the idea of turning to the wrong person for help.…How is what you do different?

A: I am VERY different from internet painting services and other artists who work on commission. Other art services on the internet give you a “stable” of artists to choose from, expecting you to click through multiple portfolios by artists you won’t have a chance to talk to… all these choices just end up adding to your confusion. Here, you’ll work with me and only me from start to finish. My entire process, from our first meeting to our consultation call to hanging up your new painting, is transparent, friendly, and designed to serve you without pressure or obligation. For example, I keep a small workload of 6-10 clients at a time. A small workload ensures that every painting gets the utmost care and effort, as well as being finished in a timely manner. I’ve never had anyone regret working with me, and that right there means the world to me.

Q: How much time on my part will I need to invest?

A: Once we decide on the subject matter and size of the painting, you can rest easy knowing it’s being created perfectly for you. Virtually all of my clients trust me with the process and don’t see the need to view a work in progress. In fact, I would discourage against seeing a piece before it’s ready. This can actually add confusion, because it simply won’t look the same yet. I will, of course, be working tirelessly on your new piece, and will remain open and available to you the entire time if any questions arise. 

Q: I need help visualizing the size of the artwork. 

A: No problem! A 24 x 36 inch painting is a fairly standard size, and will take up wall space similar to a 40-45” television, if viewed horizontally. 

Q: Will I be charged sales tax?

A: No sales tax will be charged to orders placed OUTSIDE of the State of Illinois.

Q: How long does a custom painting take to create?

A: The custom painting takes approximately 4-6 weeks, once the commission contract is signed and at least 50% deposit has been paid. All paintings are hand made by Adam himself, in his Chicago area studio.

Q: How will my painting be shipped?

A: All orders are shipped via UPS “Fully Insured” and “Signature Required.” This means your new piece be delivered safely and fully insured until you have opened the package. 

Q: What about Framing Options?

A: Every single painting I make is designed so a frame is NOT required. I use the highest quality canvases and your painting will have a modern yet timeless appearance. It will arrive ready to hang on your wall and look FANTASTIC from Day One!